Using up a beauty or skincare product is such an exciting feeling. I’m so excited to share with you my experiences with several products I’ve been using over the past few months. Some of these items are sample sizes and some are full size. I’ll be sure to indicate which product is a mini.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity

Claims: Lightweight sorbet-like textured makeup removing cleansing balm that whisks away pore-clogging impurities.

Size: 100 ml

Price: $25

Experience: I had never heard of the brand/this product prior to receiving it as a gift. I love this stuff. I used the entire 100 ml. I loved that it came with its own little scooper. It made it really convenient and easy to avoid messy situations.

I loved the way it would emulsify once a little water was added. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It did a great job at removing make up and I will most likely repurchase.


Biolage Advanced Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray

Claims: Biolage Advanced Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray is a leave-in lotion that helps provide instant silkiness, shine and manageability. Hair is protected and frizz and flyaways are tamed.

Size: 6.8 oz/200 ml

Price: $23

Experience: This is my second bottle. I wouldn’t say this product has a magical effect, however, it definitely does aid in taming my frizzy hair. I apply this after getting out of the shower while my hair damp. I will either blow dry or air dry once it’s applied. I noticed that it actually worked because on days that I let my hair air dry, it’s not totally out of control as it normally would me.

Biolage Advanced Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Claims: A detoxifying shampoo enriched with sea salt to deeply cleanse and soothe sensitive and/or oily scalps while delivering essential hydration to the scalp. 

Size: 1.35 oz/40 ml

Price: The size I received is not sold in stores. You can purchase a mini size (2.7 oz/75 ml) for $19 or a standard size (8.33 oz) for $53

Experience: So I received this in a Sephora Play box and didn’t really care much for it. I had never heard of the brand and I don’t normally use hair scrubs. Then I heard from a friend that this product was life changing and that I needed to try it ASAP. She said that it made her hair super shiny and she couldn’t get enough..so I had to put it to the test!

I’m disappointed in this scrub. I really expected my hair to glisten upon stepping out of the shower after using it but that wasn’t the case. I just felt like it didn’t do anything really. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t using it properly? I really tried to get in there and scrub for a while but I don’t know… I didn’t see any results. That being said, my friend did, and online the reviews for this product are pretty great. Maybe it’s just me!

On the bright side, I really loved the way this scrub smelled and it felt really good on my scalp but because I personally didn’t experience any results worth mentioning, I will not be repurchasing.

cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm No 306

Claims: This overnight recovery lip balm works overtime, moisturizing and nourishing lips with rich Shea Butter for 8 hours, leaving them soft and smooth.

Size: 0.34 fl oz /10 ml

Price: $7.50

Experience: I love this stuff. I used it all winter and I really felt like it protected my lips from the harsh weather while sleeping. I would wake up and my lips felt soft and moisturized even while I had hardly any moisture in the air. It definitely feels thick and heavy depending on how much you put on (I slathered on a lot because I really didn’t want to wake up with dry cracked lips).

Once I use up my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I will repurchase this. It’s affordable and it actually works. Can’t beat that!

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm No 306

Woolzies 100% Pure Oil Rosehip Oil

Claims: Rosehip oil is a superior oil for use directly on the skin: It moisturizes dry cracked areas. improves the look of dry cuticles, soften and helps to restore a youthful radiance. It is also known to treat and eliminate acne, fine lines, stretch marks and winkles. 

Size: 4 fl oz/118 ml

Price: $14.99

Experience: Loveeee this Rosehip Oil!! Seriously changed the game when it comes to moisturizing during winter. My skin would feel SO dry and tight. The second I applied this directly to my skin, I immediately felt relief. This made my skin feel moisturized when I woke up in the mornings. No more flaky dry skin for me!

Woolzies 100% Pure Oil Rosehip Oil

Have you tried any of these products? If not, which of these would you like to try?
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