Monsieur Big Mascara

To be completely honest, I randomly heard about this mascara sometime last week. I’m not entirely sure when it came out. However, now that I’ve heard about it I feel like I’ve been seeing it everywhere as of lately. Isn’t it funny how that works?


Monsieur Big Mascara

“A BIG volume mascara that delivers instant heart-stopping volume with up to 24 hour wear that lasts all night, and even the morning after, for your biggest, blackest, boldest lashes yet.”

Product Information 

Brand: Lancôme

Price: $25.00

Monsieur Big Mascara Lancome

My Thoughts

The negative: Truthfully, I have no negative thoughts about this product as of right now. I’ve been using it for about a week and I’m really liking it a lot!

The positive: I am really into the wand on this mascara. It sort of reminds me of the wand on Better Than Sex by Two Faced. I feel like this mascara gives me a lot of volume (without getting clumpy which is important) but also lengthens at the same time which

Monsieur Big Wand

isn’t always the case with other mascaras I’ve tried.

Will I buy this product again? Most likely yes. 

However, it probably won’t be for a little while. I try to mix things up just so that I don’t get sick of using the same product repeatedly. When I get obsessed with a product and use it religiously, I get used to its extraordinary results.  


Have you heard of Monsieur Big before? Tried it yet? 

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5 thoughts on “Monsieur Big Mascara

  1. I remeber hearing of this mascara, and then I sort of forgot about it hahaha 😀 But I do remeber how people saying how good it was 🙂 I’m currently using the Lash Paradise one from L’Oreal, and that one als has a brush quite similiar to this one.

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  2. I haven’t heard of this mascara but the before and after photos look too good to be true. My favourite high end mascara is the Estee Lauder one in a gold tube 🙂

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